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    Sheila: I became hypo within 4 months and then started synthroid. I have been on synthroid for 1 1/2 years now. My TSH level is 2.1 out of a range of .40 to 4.2 – so I think I’m in the middle, but my bothersome symptoms haven’t gone away – I thought once I was completely on level (since June of this year) all these little symptoms would go away and life would be happily ever after. Am now wondering if that’s so. I share your feelings on doctors – have switched around a few times. Currently, I’m letting my internist handle my GD and he blows me off saying I just have fluid problems and that my weight gain is of no result of the Graves. Am also considering going back to an Endo on this. I am in hopes that you will find another doctor that will listen to your concerns. This Support Group has helped me know that there are others out there like me and I am truly grateful for that. Let me know how you do in finding a new doctor. Take Care, Sue