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    Patch – that is the 64 million $ question. I ask myself the same thing every single day. I, too, exercise more now than ever before and eat less now than ever before, and still the weight doesn’t seem to come off. So, I just keep at it and try not to get to down on myself. As long as I know that I am trying there is no reason to beat myself up over it. I only have this one life to live and I want to enjoy it while I am here…unfortunately, I didn’t embrace this philosophy fully until I lost my mother to an illness far too early. She weathered life’s ups and downs and still looked forward to each new day….unfortunately she was only given 67 years and was still looking forward to so many things.

    The ups and downs of living with Graves is surely very frustrating, but I have found that since I was diagnosed, which was just one year ago, I seem to have more patience and am much more relaxed with things. I attribute this to the relief of finally getting a diagnosis and explanation for the years of symptoms I experienced. I am sure, as reading everyone’s story on this BB proves, that everyone has their own way of coping. For now, I try to keep my outlook optimistic and do whatever it takes to limit my “down” days.

    Sorry, I rambled on a bit more than I had planned!! Patch, keep up the good work..and..walk with a smile on your face! :-)