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    The following are some of the speakers and topics that will be presented at the conference:

    Patient support groups will be led by Cy and Marsha Worby.

    Family support groups will be led by Judy Dvorak and Donna Starkweather.

    Donna will also start the conference with a session titled “Full Catastrophe Living – Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress”. I so need this one. I can’t wait.

    Cy Worby will present a session on Coping with Common Family Issues with Graves’ Disease.

    Marsha Worby will present a session on Becoming, Being & Staying a Couple: The Challenge of Graves’.

    Dr. Phillpe Backeljauw will discuss Therapy for Graves’ Disease in Childhood and Adolescence: An Update. Do you have a child with Graves’ disease? This will be a great session.

    Dr. Karl Golnik will discuss Graves’ Disease and the Eye.

    Nancy Bloemer will discuss Practical Self Care. I know that I don’t take care of myself. I need this one, too.

    Dr. Kenneth Ain will discuss How Did I Get Here? and Where Do I Go From Here?

    Sara Rosenthal will present a session on Making Informed Decisions and Sorting Through Misinformation.

    Dr. Terry Smith will let us know what’s new in Graves’ research. This session will be a video since Terry won’t be able to join us in person this year.

    Nancy Patterson will discuss the Emotional, Intellectual and Mental Aspects of Graves’ Disease.

    The luncheon speaker is George Hood who is the Guinness World Record Holder for spinning. How many of you had a hard time getting your head off the pillow this morning? It took 4 snooze alarms for me to get up. I want to know how George does it. He has Graves’ disease and broke a world record.

    We are still awaiting details about one more speaker and her topic.

    The group rate at the hotel expires today. If you decide that you want to attend, please make your hotel plans today. You can either complete your conference registration online or register onsite.

    See you at the conference!