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    Thanks. I really didn’t think about being hyper even if I am medically hypo. I’ll have to take my vitamins, herbal supplements, etc. to work so that I can take them at lunch time.

    I have been tapping my fingers and swinging my legs when sitting for the last couple of days. I literally woke up at a run this morning and did five hours of spring cleaning – then crashed. I know I should keep my tasks on an even keel, but if I have any energy whatsoever I take it at a run and do whatever I can get done. It’s been a long time, well over a year, since I have felt this good.

    I know that it will take me a good while to build myself back up to “normal”, but I think I have finally excepted it. I am even telling people “no” so that I can take care of me, which is completely out of character for me. I have gained a few more pounds, but my pants are fitting more loosely. Maybe I’m finally building “good” muscle! One of my co-workers said how good I look – that he has just seen the life come in me.

    Have a great weekend everyone!