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    Hi Stacie,

    I wan’t on PTU, so I’m not an expert about the details of liver enzyme tests, but I would suggest that you either follow up with your endo (ask more questions at your next appointment or in a phone message) or check in with your general practitioner to see what they think. As I’m sure you know, the reason for testing your liver enzymes is to make sure that the PTU is not causing problems for you ~ I don’t know what level it takes for them to be alarmed, or what enzymes are “more important” than others, but I do know that if you had an abnormal lab test, you’d want to hear more than “oh never mind, it’s no big deal.” Makes you wonder why they have you take the lab tests, if elevated levels are no big deal. Perhaps you’re just slightly elevated, perhaps the doctor imagined there could be other reasons for the elevated level, maybe he’s just waiting to see if the elevated levels remain through your next blood test. Whatever it is, though, you deserve a more complete answer than you got.

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