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    I was recently contacted by a mother and felt this was a good opportunity for us to get back together.
    When we went to the seminar in SD we met some wonderful people who supported us immensely. Well its that time of year again, the seminar is coming soon. So before we all get there and meet up with all those wonderful Graves Warriors who help us out a daily bases, I wanted to throw open the communication line again for us to talk or just give a us an update.

    Lindsay is doing great, her levels are normal. She has been working hard on vocal career. We went to Los Angeles in Jan and she placed in the top ten singers of the year in her for age group of 65 contestants.
    She recently cut a demo, so we are hoping to get that going. She has also been working on acting, she has been doing a lot of auditions but it’s a hard gig to get. Yet we continue.

    She has also been working on the school newspaper and has her own advice column “askLindz”
    She is also writing an advice column for our local newspaper called “High School Confidential”
    So feel free to ask Lindsay advice on how to handle graves from a teen standpoint. It just might help you both out. I can give you her email address if you send me an offline request.

    If you are on the fence about going to the seminar…. DON’T MISS IT!!! It was the most wonderful, supportive, overwhelming 3 days I have ever had. The support and the information you get is bar none. I am so looking forward to seeing you all again.