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    A comment — about the heart drug the doctor wanted to put you on. While we are hyperthyroid the heart is adversely affected in two ways. First, it beats altogether too fast, and is, as a result, inefficient at moving oxygenated blood through the body. Second, there is an “electrical” control system (for want of a better, more medically correct term) that regulates the rhythm of the beats. Too much thyroid hormone throws that control system off from time to time and arrythmias can suddenly occur. Arrythmias can cause medical emergencies. So in the future, if you find yourself hyperthyroid again and your doctor recommends a beta blocker, you might want to consider taking it, temporarily, until the other drug, the antithyroid drug (or ATD) has gotten your thyroid levels under control. The beta blocker my doctor prescribed for me was short-term and acted quite quickly. The ATDs like PTU do not always control things quickly enough to adequately protect heart function.

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