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    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 34 year old mother of 4 with Graves disease. Diagnosed back in 2000 after having the flu during November 1999. 3months later I was having rapid pulse rate. I went to dr. and said i had Graves. I was told to go RAI and i refused after speaking with a Radiologist. We were trying to get pregnant (my 2nd his 1st) and didn’t want to wait 6months after RAI. We found a wonderful dr. who said to try PTU which no one said to try before. He explained that it might take a while to get into normal levels. It took 3 months! I was able to get pregnant with the help of a Reproductive Endo(RE) and during my 3month of pregnancy was taken off of PTU due to higher levels. I was fine the rest of the pregnancy and was able to get pregnant again when that child was 10months w/help of RE again with my 3rd child without any PTU at all. AGain during that pregnancy I was fine and when 3rd child was about 4 1/2 months old 2nd child and I fought a horrible viral infection(Rotavirus) and 6 weeks after that infection my hair was falling out and I was stuttering and pulse was so high. My old endo retired and I had to seek another whom didnt think i needed to be seen right then. My regular dr. insisted and I was put on high doses of PTU, all of my levels were off and it was bad. I again was normalized on PTU fast and within a few months was fine and was taken off the medicine and was fine on my own with no medicine for 7months when I found out i was pregnant with 4th child ON MY OWN and not drugs from RE. We were thrilled and very happy that i was able to conceive on my own and that my eggs had become better when thyroid function was restored. Again I was fine during this pregnancy as well and when 4th child was about 4months old I again have a bad virus and 6 weeks later found to be loosing my hair again and dr. (same one i didnt like but didnt have a choice) said he would not treat me and to come back in 6 weeks. My levels were just slightly under the .35 mine was .29 but my hair and heart rate were bad. He said he would put me on stuff to help the heart rate and I said NO why give me a drug to help the heart rate when all you have to do is treat the reason why the heart rate is doing this? DUH! So I researched my old Endo who had retired. I remembered he had a woman in his office with him and I found her,she continued some where else and had another associate with her as well. I found them and went to them. I had medicine from before and started it WITH my general dr’s approval. By the time i got to the new endo she tested me and agreed that the dose was what she would have put me on and said my levels were great and asked how i was and I said fine no more hair falling out and i was feeling better. She said well take it for another 4 weeks then stop then test 4 weeks after that and i did and have been fine every since. She did say I Have to be careful with getting sick because that seems to be the trigger of me going out of the levels that are good. Just thought i’d give some info about me. Have a great day to all. I am always looking for information regarding Graves disease and researching about it so i can help others as well. My mother was just diagnosed at the age of 52 with Hypo(i think its Hashi’s) and is now on Synthroid.