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    You will get a lot of good advice here. I have not gone through RAI but I did have a mild case during my 1st bout with Graves and the very first dr. said do RAI. We researched it and refused but i didn’t have a goiter. My 2nd dr. said take PTU(not the tapazole) and see what happens. I did hear that it can take many months to get normal on PTU or Tapazole so maybe give it more time. I was very very lucky and had it stabilized within 3months. But again I didn’t have a goiter and it was mild. My 2nd bout was worse but again i took PTU and was fine.

    The only reason I didn’t do RAI was because that meant being Hypo(not the hyper) permanently and I wasn’t going for that. Dr’s now go straight for getting you hypo to make sure your thyroid is completely destroyed and I wont except that. Well at least the dr’s here where I live. I shouldn’t say all dr’s. It worked out great for me. I still do research and come in here to check out what I find to make sure.

    Everyone is so very different. All I can say is I know it’s hard to deal with this when you are in pain and in a fuzzy/crazy state of mind. (we call it the crazies in my house lol). I haven’t had a goiter but yeah i’d want it gone as well and i’m not vain either, just don’t do anything drastic thinking it will be a quick fix and find out later that it will still take a long time for the goiter to go away. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Research and talk here and babysteps when it comes to housework. The kids are all old enough to help you out. Write down your lists so you dont forget them it helps a lot when you have graves.

    Good luck