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    Hi, Nina:

    In addition to tilting the bed. Are your eyes closing completely? IF not, you may need to tape them shut. There’s a fine type of tape that can be used to tape the eyes down while we are sleeping. And, find out if you can use the nighttime formula of artificial tears type products along with the Restasis. You would need to check with either your doctor or the pharmacist. The nighttime formula has a gooey consistency and that, in addition to taping the eyes down, can relieve nighttime dryness. IT might be that if you use the goo, you would not have to tape the eyes down, too. You would need to experiment. But you would need to run my suggestions by your doctor.

    I believe someone who posted here a while back said that the burning with the Restasis went away over time — I’m not sure how generally true that might be, and you might want to ask that question of your doctor. If that is true, it might help you to endure the initial process a bit better.

    Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator