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    So here is the update I was at my Endo and they are treating me for the Peripheral Double vision with steroids. They are making me feel a bit sick and disorientated but otherwise fine. I have to go back every week for monitoring cause they have put me on the highest dose of the steroid they can.
    PTU worked for me. My levels are stable and he even told me it would be a good time to think about conceiving. Which I am not intending to do but it is encouraging.

    I was a bit shocked that he said that “We shall take you off it gradually and then see how you go. If it doesn’t work then we will do RAI”
    I was a bit miffed because he just assumed that I wanted RAI.
    To be honest I am not too sure I like the idea of RAI at all and I had decided what my course of action. I hope to god he will give me the option when/if I get closer to that time.