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    I did not get to read your original post but from reading everyone else’s it sounds like, you are attempting to do as much research as you possibly can in making your decision. I have spent hours pouring over research medical, as well as alternative. For myself, I have to know that I have done everything possible to control this disease and still live a healthy life style before I harm my thyroid especially when it is a victim, just like me, of this auto immune disease. I am very fortunate, I don’t have the symptoms that alot of people who post here have. I have been advised that my Graves Disease became active from the stress of losing my husband. I am so much better today then I was a year ago and I am truly greatful for that. I don’t know what the future will hold for me and expect that I will make the choice to do RAI at some point if my symptoms become worse. Make sure whatever journey you are on, that you are working with your doctor and one that you trust. Research is a powerful tool just surround yourself with people that are qualified to help you decipher what is real and what is fiction. Good luck to you on your journey. Claudia