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    There are some sunglasses (relatively inexpensive ones) that protect the eyes all around. They have frames that fit against the forehead, and they have wide sides that also block light coming in. They have provided me with a lot of relief from the light sensitivity over the years. They can also fit over your other glasses (if you wear glasses) — they are a type prescribed for elderly patients with cattaracts (sp?) and are available in most drug stores and eyeglass places.

    And one other suggestion for you to consider. I ache for you having such a health issue at the same time that your husband has his own, very real health problems as well. It might be a very good idea for you to try talking with a counselor. You need to be able to express y our frustrations and confusions to someone, and I can well understand why you are perhaps not able to use your husband these days as a sounding board. But having someone to talk with, someone trained to help you balance yourself can be extremely helpful.

    I do know how hard these days are for you. I had moderate eye disease, and it was very frustrating at times. And terrifying as well. I hope you see improvement starting soon.

    Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator