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    I think the new values at lab range from .20 – 5.00. It used to be .40 – 5.00 but has recently changed. So, yes I am at the low end of normal. Do you know if being at the low end of normal a person has chance of bone loss?

    I had my Cipralex (Lexapro) increased last week and I feel so much better so I have concluded that the problem has been depression probably more than my levels being low. I was surprised though as I didn’t realize the symptoms of depression can be so varied. I didn’t think feeling ‘off’ and ‘crappy’ could be depression. Funny my doctor didn’t diagnose it either. When I think of depression, I simply think of sadness and since it all happened so quickly after my surgery I thought it must be related to my thyroid levels.

    Well thanks,

    I appreciate your feedback and your timely response.