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    I have been having problems with my eyes for a while. It comes and goes. And of course I assume it’s allergies. To make this as clear as I can be, I have been in remission from the last bout with Grave’s Disease since May 2007 without any medicine at all. I work hard to stay healthy and not get sick since my trigger is viral infections.(flu mostly)

    Well last year I went to optometrist and told him that my eyes were blurry but I didn’t know why and that I found a black line in my left eye. Dr. asked if it was like sand and at the time i said no because i really didn’t know what it was. dr. said it was a floater that i was seeing but it was a line not the dots that I usually have. so that was no problem, i was greatful to know what the line was.

    But the feeling htat something was there was annoying. He said that he wanted me to see an MD that dealt with graves eye and to keep eye drops in my eyes to help hydrate them. well I guess i got use to the feeling and with the kids being sick and grandma dieing and everything happening at the same time i just “forgot” about it and got use to the annoyingness of it.

    Well NOW it’s there again. I felt this eyelash in my eye the other day. I put eye drops in my eye and when I did i felt the thing in there. So I put more drops in there and tried to move the eye around and low and behold I found an eyelash up in the upper lid. I finally got it out. But there seems to be grit in there as well or a feeling of it. so i thought it was just another eyelash. I washed my other eye and didn’t feel that anything was in there. Istill have this feeling of something in there and now it feels like a piece of sand. Both eyes are dry now.

    I do have allergies to outside stuff grass is the worst and pollen. I dont’ usually take anything for it though and my eyes are usually fine. Just a stuffy nose is basically it and i get eczema as well from my allergies.

    My eyes aren’t watery or itchy or antyhing just that “feeling” in it and dryness. I put allergy drops in my eyes and that doesn’t help the feeling so I assume its not allergies.

    I am going to optometrist today at 11am. and I have an appt with an MD who deals with graves eye disease next week.

    can this be thyroid eye disease even if I am in remission with my thyroid?