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    Dear Millie,
    Thank you so much for your response to my message re the decompression surgery. Did you ever have to receive steroids for your eye condition? I’m a bit discouraged as my symptoms seem to be redeveloping even though I’m on a high and slow tapering dose of oral Prednisone. I just started to take 50 mg q day and will do so for 14 days, but, already, my blurry vision has returned, some swelling, and some discomfort

    nothing like it was in mid May before I received the 9 infusions of 1000 mg of SoluMedrol. The eye MD hinted that he may recommend radiation treatment to the eyes if the steroids didn’t help. I saw my Endo MD last Friday, and he wants to treat me conservatively hoping that the eye disease will “burn itself out” so RAI or a thyroidectomy won’t be needed.
    I sincerely hope the decompression surgery you had will– in time — bring the results you want. Thank you again for your response and expression of understanding. Nina