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    Dear Millie,

    Sorry to read re your need for eye decompression surgery. I feel that this may be reommended for me in the future. I seem to have moderately severe Graves Eye Disease which was just diagnosed about 8 months ago, but which become increasingly severe in May — to the point that I was in danger of losing my vision in my left eye. I had to receive 9 separate IV infusions of a very high dose of SoluMedrol — a steroid and am now taking a high dose of oral Prednisone tapered over about a 3 month period. My blurry vision has returned despite the steroids, so I am discourage. The eye MD stated he may consider radiation treatments to the eyes if the steroid treatments fail — and possibly the decompression surgery. Did you receive the steroid and radiation treatments prior to your eye surgery? Did your Endo MD advise RAI or a thyroidectomy? I’ve very apprehensive re my prognosis and treatment. I’m not a young person —being 66 years old and have other medical problems. I admire you for your courage having the eye surgery. I’d be very happy to hear back from you as to whether the eye surgery was done after the other treatments were tried and failed. Hope you notice improvement. Thanks in advance for reading this and your response. Please excuse any spelling errors but my vision is blurry today. Nina