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    Hi Nina,

    There are posts here from people who have had radiation to the eyes, and for some it has provided relief. Do a search on “radiation” and “eyes” and maybe you can come up with a comprehensive set of posts with experiential information. I never needed it, so I can’t tell you anything that I know for a certainty.

    The only caveat I know of is that radiation treatments can “stiffen” the tissues in some cases, which could result in less of a benefit from a subsequent decompression surgery (the tissues may not “settle” so easily into the new socket). I’m not sure if that has been addressed in more recent radiation treatments.

    As far as operating on “hot” eyes, it is typically not recommended, but if the eyes are in danger, it may be your best alternative. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know ahead of time, but do some research and have some frank discussions with your eye doctor. Going in as informed as possible is truly the best thing.

    The only thing I can suggest to “improve” things is to find ways to lessen your stress levels. The antibodies are stimulated by adrenaline, which is released when you are stressed. Keeping your stress levels down CAN help. Still, don’t label yourself a failure if the symptoms persist. No one really understands why the symptoms come and go, but there are some “tendencies,” if you follow my meaning.

    Food/nutrition really has no impact.

    ANYTHING that will help you to relax is a good thing, no matter what. Feed your soul.

    Let us know what you decide!

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