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    Dear Jake,
    Thanks much for your message re the orbital radiation and decompression surgery. I really appreciated your feedback and learning of your experience. Could I be so bold as to inquire as to the number of radiation treatments you had to receive and if you noticed any side effects from this. Also, did you have to take an oral steroid preparation while receiving the radiation treatments? I’ll be meeting with both the radiologist and the eye surgeon in the next few weeks, and will need to make a decision by late July. Needless to say, I’m very anxious, etc., but knowing that I’m not alone has been very comforting to me. I can’t thank you and the other on line facilitators enough for your responses, as well as to the others who share this disease with me. I would be interested in knowing more about these special people and wonder how I could do a brief biographical summary of my status. I noticed that one was posted by gryneyedlady and would like to respond to this. Thanks again for your help. Happy July 4th to all of you. Nina