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    Cosievee, I just wanted to add a couple of more comments to your posts. First, when you see your new endo for the second opinion, you might ask why you aren’t feeling better on the antithyroid drugs. Most people do start to feel better when their levels are brought down, if they aren’t brought down too far so that they become hypothyroid instead. It will take some time, however. But 4-5 months that you mentioned should be long enough.

    The next thing I wanted to mention is that radioactive iodine is NOT a quick fix for hyperthyroidism. Most people feel better a lot faster with the drugs than they do with RAI.

    Everyone is different as for the dose of RAI given and how their body responds to it, and how well the doctor adjusts thyroid replacement hormone when needed. Most people are told to expect it to take six months to a year for the treatment to take effect and thyroid replacement to be minimally adjusted, though this process will go on for years. Some people have a relatively easy time with this whole business and others have a real struggle. You can’t know in advance how your body will react. You may be able to work straight through it all, or you may need to take several months off (or something in between).

    I chose RAI because I was the sole support of my family and believed it would be an easy way to get well quickly. It didn’t turn out that way for me, as I ended up needing lots of time off work afterwards. My thyroid continued to rapidly die out for several years and I continued to feel unwell during that time, as my levels were never stable for long.

    That doesn’t mean it would be that unpleasant for you. It isn’t for everyone.

    Dianne W