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    Hi, Trish:

    I live part of the year in the mountains, and part in the city where my endocrinologist has her office. There have been two or three occasions when another doctor would read a blood test, aauthorize a change in my replacement hormone dose. I would always wait until I could get in touch with my endo. I have found that the recommendations always were the same, whether the doctor was a GP or an internist: I mean they always agreed with what my endo would recommend as well.

    So, once we have been through the rocky diagnosis/treatment phase of things, I have a feeling that any good doctor may be capable of monitoring our replacement dose well.

    I continue to see my endocrinologist once a year because I like her, and I trust her. I can get in to see her on a moment’s notice, too. But, if I moved, or something happened to her, I might not try to establish myself with another endo unless there were problems that I thought were related to thyroid issues that were not being adequately examined.
    Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator