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    Thanks Bobby, Dianne, Claire and Mammaw for encouraging words. Haven’t been on since I posted (too tired to remember I even posted :-) ). Claire, I think I will go to my family physician (he was the only doctor in 10 years to figure out what was wrong with me and diagnosed me with Graves’). He actually listens to me when I complain :-) and takes his time in my appointment. I honestly thought I had to do everything through my endocrinologist now that I’m on Synthroid and diagnosed Graves’. But it seems I can go back to him and hopefully he will find what is causing it (or just my lack of patience) as he is very persistent and wouldn’t rest until he found out what was wrong with me. Being diagnosed “depressed” and put on anti depression meds for over 10 years when I wasn’t even depressed messes with a person anyways. This doctor immediately took me off the meds, talked to me about my symptoms and researched! and even called me over the weekend to say I was hyper, not depressed and my heart palpitations were caused by that, not anxiety. Mammaw, I’m glad you are starting to feel better. I have read a lot of your postings (well, actually all of them).

    Dianne and Bobby, you both are wonderful as staff here. Your posts do give me encouragement and actually give me the strength to fight for my rights as a patient and to get the blood work I need instead of just agreeing with my doctors with their preference on how they do things. I do need to start taking more baby steps. Heck, I am just not used to that as I was a single mom with 3 kids and running my daughter to cheerleading and games, one of my boys to hockey practices and games and my other to boy scouts and other activities. No one around me knew how I did it. I’m not sure I know how I did it. But that is no longer the case and I have to accept it that I just can’t do it all every single day of the week any longer. I have cut activities to 3 nights a week and leave the weekend to recoup :-) from working and running around to activities. I will start slow with the exercise and I’ve tried going head on into that and really did myself in. Just miss who I was pre Graves’ and wanted to hurry it up. I feel like I have changed forever and am trying to find some inner peace.

    Oh and Jan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry it’s late.