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    Dear Bobbie and Fellow Thyroidectomy patients,
    Thanks, Bobbie, for your message and wise information. I had my surgery a week ago and had a total thyroidectomy; as of now I’m not on a thyroid supplement. I assume I’ll be started on a med such as Synthroid when I have my followup appointment with the surgeon. Is it safe to wait that long before being started on such a med. I’m extremely fatigued and, at the same time, feel very tense and nervous. I presently have a cold which is complicating my recovery. I’m continuing to take the Atenolol, Benicar to control my blood pressure, a very low dose of Prednisone –7.5 mg — daily, and a Calcium supplement. Do you think I need to worry about not being on a thyroid supplement at this time and what changes can I expect when I’m started on a thyroid supplement. My body seems to be in a state of “shock” so to speak — suddenly becoming hypothyroid. any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Nina