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    When thyroid levels are normalized most people have a major improvement in memory and concentration, but I think it’s also true that some people experience long-lasting changes in their memory and concentration.

    One of our NGDF bulletins talks about this: Bulletin #43. It concluded that there are indeed residual cognitive deficits in some patients after euthyroidism (normal thyroid levels) are achieved. It concluded, “These findings suggest a possible central effect, either due to alterations of brain thyroid hormone homeostaisis,or perhaps, to autoimmune involvement in the brain.”

    Anyone interested in reading more about this can order this bulletin from the NGDF web page.

    If you’re interested in the emotional aspects of GD I also recommend bulletin #38, “An Open Letter to Husbands of Graves’ Disease Patients” and bulletin #9 “Me, Bush and Graves’ Disease” (the first President Bush had Graves’ Disease and so did his wife Barbara Bush). I realize the emotional aspects are separate from the cognitive, but I think this is an issue that affects many of us.

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    Dianne W
    NGDF Online Facilitator