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    Dear Bobbi and Jake,

    Thank you for posting your thoughts about my situation. As far as my past problem I had a HUGE Goiter and the scar on my neck is like yours Jake. It’s very long but in a place where you do not see it unless you are looking there.

    My eye problems where the main reason why we opted for surgery the first time. From the moment I arrived home (afer the surgery) (in the hospital for 5 days) I knew that I wasn’t feeling very well at all. Knowing that it would take some time for me to see some sort of results I didn’t question my medical problems or WHY I wasn’t on medicines for being Hypo. It was after I had my third blood work and my results were still bad that I began to search for more help.

    I have changed Endo doctors and now have 2 eye doctors working on my case. About 2 months ago I had tubes put in my eyes to help with the tearing and pressure. It has helped some, but I still have very major eye problems. When I approached my new Endo and my new Eye doctor they both agreed that it would be NOT in my best intrest to have another surgery. I understand that my surgeon had left a very small piece of my thyroid in due to the location. But everyone agrees that I have way too much scar tissue to atempt me having surgery again, hence the suggestion of RAI.

    I have read many posts on this site and can relate mostly to Jake. It seems that we both have had our troubles with trying to get our problem taken care of. Like I have stated before, I am so blessed to have found this site. Not only for the information provided to me, but to know that I’m not the only one out there with these problems. So once again I thank you all for your continued support. I will keep you all informed of my situation and I WILL post on here my happy ending when it comes.