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    There is nothing in vitamins that can take the place of synthroid/replacement thyroid hormone. Nothing. Your friend is not correct. I wouldn’t tell her to take a leap, particularly if I wanted to keep her friendship. She was probably trying to be helpful. But I would suggest that you ignore her.

    If you decide to take additional vitamins in addition to your replacement hormone, please allow about four hours between taking the synthroid/replacement and taking the vitamins. Iron, calcium and other minerals in vitamins can interfere with the absorption of the replacement hormone. Once the replacement hormone is absorbed into the blood, there are no issues that I know of. But until it gets absorbed there are things that can interfere with it.

    It is too bad your endo did not engage you in conversation about alternative treatments. Basically, the issue is straightforward. The ONLY treatments for hyperthyroidism are medications (proven antithyroid drugs, like methimazole and PTU), or removal of the thyroid (RAI or surgery). Those are the only real choices. Once the thyroid is removed, replacement hormone is absolutely necessary. There are no proven alternatives. There are, however, some things (acupuncture for example) which might help alleviate symptoms while our body is returning to health. But as additional means, not in place of the standard treatments. And a good, one-a-day vitamin might help your body to replenish needed nutrients faster, which could also help. But you need to be able to talk with your doctor about anything like this that you might want to add, to be sure that whatever you contemplate doing is not going to interfere with your replacement regime.

    I hope this helps,
    Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator