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    There are two known treatment options which have a proven track record for successfully returning people with Graves disease back to health. These two options are antithyroid drugs (which act as a chemical block to the production of thyroid hormone) and removal of the thyroid. There are two proven successful ways to remove the thyroid: surgery and RAI. Anything else is unproven, and unlikely to work to reliably control your thyroid hormone levels. Do not take advice from anyone online. Talk with your doctor.

    In the days before the discovery of our modern treatment options, when people used sedatives, opiates, leeches (perhaps), and, yes, herbs, to try to regain their health, approximately 50% of Graves patients died. Those that survived were not necessarily healthy. Nowadays, the vast majority of people who do not survive the disease are the ones that go undiagnosed for a long period of time, or the ones who for one reason or another are not compliant with their doctor’s treatment suggestions. Those who reject modern medicine for unproven alternatives are putting themselves at grave risk.

    I had treatment ten years ago — no, eleven now — and I long ago regained my health. Please, listen to your doctors, not to the marketers online.

    Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator