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    It is interesting that you are responding the way that you are. My doctors told me that it was “mild thyroid storm”. I have a day to day diary of my symptoms and they used that to diagnose it. I agree that I was not in ICU and did not experience things to the extent that a full blown storm will cause; however, I was just passing along my story as I have been told by my doctors and experienced first hand. I am sorry that you do not agree. I am not trying to make trouble–simply trying to inform others so that they could be better prepared. I will stop posting and forget this forum if that is the way that you feel. I’m sorry that I bothered you. I was looking for help and support from others while also trying to help others be better prepared for the procedure since neither one of my doctors prepared me correctly.

    I had hopes that this forum could provide some support, and I am disappointed that you are not allowing readers to know what can happen with a Radioactive ablation “gone wrong”. I believe that people have a right to know what can happen before they make a decision to go forward with a medical procedure. I am very upset with my doctors b/c they did not fully prepare me prior to my procedure. I was trying to warn others so that they would not find themselves in the same position.

    Both of my doctors were unable to tell me long term what I might be looking at with my Graves b/c of the unusual reaction that I had. I was hoping that I would find someone on this website that experienced a similar reaction and could tell me their story.

    It was my understanding that if you chose to not post someone’s message that you would send out an email to the person instead of just ignoring it. I never recieved anything from anyone that is why I sent the second message. I would have appreciated a direct email from you. Again, it was not my intent to cause trouble although I disagree with you refusing to post it. It sounds to me like you are allowing lawyers to run your website; and I don’t think that is in the best interest of your members.