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    I removed your post for the reason you state you are still in a protracted thyroid storm. What you are experiencing is not thyroid storm, but a poor response to the RAI treatment.

    Thyroid storm is an extreme medical emergency that will place a person in the hospital and more than likely ICU. It is an immediate life threatening experience.

    If you are having bad symptoms from the excess thyroid hormone releasing from your thyroid that needs attention as you are receiving right now.

    I did not want the average reader to think that if they were in thyroid storm it could last for weeks and they could stay at home to have it treated. If a person is in thyroid storm, they need to go to the ER immediately. They will be put in the hospital and will not be released until they are out of danger.

    It is a matter of what to call what you are experiencing. It is not a thyroid storm, but I know it still makes you feel horrible. I am not trying to discount your feelings. Just wanted to make the difference plain to the average reader.

    Posts that state wrong information will be removed until a member of the board of advisors have a chance to review it. We try our best to ensure that accurate information is provided on our site.

    I hope you start to feel better soon. It took me a year for my thyroid levels to even out. In hindsight I would have done the thyroidectomy for that reason.

    We are only a click away,

    Jake George
    On-line Facilitator