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    I am not quite sure what happened but I do feel that you should continue to post here. I think everyone has a right to post their experience and if there is a correction then that should be posted as well so that there is no confusion AND so that you are updated with the most accurate information. I certainly learned something here as well that I didn’t know but I would never have found that out if I had not posted what I did.

    It was unfortunate that your dr. gave you the wrong information or words I should say and make you think something that you should not have about Thyroid Storm. I am glad you learned here from the posts what the differences were. I think had the posts happen first and explained it you would not have been so fast to be angry. BUT as we all know this disease does do that to us and there is nothing that we can do. ;-)(certainly understandable) Your body is going through something so outrageous that no one can blame you for what you are feeling or saying. I do hope your family understands that. The emotional roller coaster can take its toll on all of us in so many different ways. Not every patient is the same just like every snow flake. Yes there are certain things that are exact but every one is so different and our bodies react to different things in different ways.

    I hope you continue to post here and be a part of this board so that we may learn from you as well learning from all that are here.

    Good luck