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    This is GREAT advise! As I have told others here through emails, I am considering switching endo doctors because my appointment was made in Nov. and I don’t get to see him for the initial consultation unil May. I have called him office repeatedly and cannot get him or his nurse. I was told by the receptionist that he is booked solid and that’s why I cannot get any response from him or an earlier appointment. My concern is that after I have the RIA and if I have problems, I may not be able to get ahold of him or get an appointment for 6-8 months. By then, I could be dying. Any thoughts??? Should I switch, or is this typical for endo docs to be too busy to help? I need help now and cannot get any without going to someone else. I’ve been seeing my internal med doc and she has been adjusting my meds a little but not enough. She wants to wait to see what the endo doc wants to do! Meanwhile, I am suffering! HELP, NEED ADVICE!