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    One thing, Andrea. You should probably let your family know, in kind terms, that you have decided no longer to do X, Y and Z (whatever they are). Just stopping, without telling them why, if you still expect thigns to get done, would undoubtedly lead to unnecessary conflicts.

    The conversation could go something like this: “I am so sick. I feel like I am running a double marathon every day. This is temporary, the treatments are going to make me well again, but right now I need to back off and take things a lot easier so that I can get well faster. I can no longer push a vaccuum, or carry laundry up stairs (or whatever). It wears me completely out, and then I end up yelling at people in frustration. I don’t want to do that any more. As a family, we need to figure out how to get the necessary chores done, so that I can have some breathing room for a month or two…..” The specifics have to be your own, but that’s the gist of the necessary communication.

    Good luck,
    Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator