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    Thank you so much for posting this! You are right, a lot, I mean A LOT, of my anger is stemming from the fact that I have to do everything or it doesn’t seem to get done!!! When you said that I should ask myself what i would tell my best friend to do – that really stood out to me. I would tell her to just stop and eventually people would have to help because they would get tired of the house looking like crap and them not being able to find anything or even have clean clothes to wear to school or work! So, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do – take a little of my own advice! Boy, is my family going to have a wake-up call! My 2 oldest children are 14 & 12. They are plenty old enough to do most things for themselves – they are gonna have to because I’m only going to do what I absolutely have to. I am wearing myself down to nothing and getting very little done. So, they are just gonna have to help more or live like pigs. I’ll keep my room and mine and the baby’s laundry done! Everyone else can do their own stuff! I’m just way to tired and hurting to try to do everything I use to do! No one around here understands! My grandmother came over about a month ago and was really rude and made lots of comments about my house not being in order! I’ve just decided that I’m gonna start telling people that if they cannot tolerate my house, they don’t have to come visit or they could act like they care and help me do something about it!!!!