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    Hi pmduckie,

    I love that name! :-)

    The isolation can be extremely weird, I know. The first time, I sent my small children away and kept my husband at home, under the theory that he was a grown-up and would understand about the separation. He did, but it was torture to keep him six feet away, as directed. I had a second RAI (do not panic, I am in the minority and it was only because my doctors did not speak with each other), and the second time I just told everyone to go away. Better to be completely alone than to keep an enormous “bubble” around myself. Still, it is really difficult to be all alone ~ many people will act as if you should be grateful, “oh, all that time by yourself,” they say, but there’s an enormous difference between choosing to be alone and being COMPELLED to be alone. So just do the best you can ~ I think that varying the things I was doing did help. If you have someplace where you can get outside and still be alone, do that. If you have multiple rooms in your house where you can “do things,” do that. We have TVs in two rooms, so I’d move room to room just to find a little variety in my day. We live in a neighborhood where not too many people are out walking, so I felt comfortable going for walks, and that helped.

    E-mail and the internet can be a wonderful way to spend the time ~ you’re connecting with people, safely!

    I don’t know too many people who have felt badly physically during the first couple of days, so I hope you fall into that group. :-)

    And remember, after you’re through this ~ come back and let us know what worked for you!

    Take heart, you’re on your way!

    NGDF Assistant Online Facilitator