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    Andrea and children,

    You are all so welcome!! Congratulations to your daughter who is helping you.

    Daughter, I know it must be very hard to see mom go through this but know that there is a great deal of help out here for her and support and although it is hard for her she loves you no matter what her “mood” might be and by helping her you help your entire family grow stronger!! Go tell your siblings to help out where they can even if it’s just picking up the little papers on the floor that you would normally step over. ;-)

    Andrea, I give permission to anyone who wants to put that into something on here. I don’t even see a family page on there?

    Oh and also, yes I agree with Bobbi, Not everyone will be treated or not treated for the same reasons. If I had been told you NEED to get this done and was given the reasons for it I would have done it. But having the radiologist tell me to get a 2nd opinion was the best thing i ever did. I wake up everyday knowing that at any time I can come out of remission and am very aware of my body. My oldest son(13) knows to call for help if I act “off” and my younger kids ages 5 and almost 4 know how to dial 911 Lord forbid they ever need to. The baby (almost 2 doesnt yet but she’ll learn ;-) lol)

    Prayers for you and your family. What I can say is live each day as if a new day. If you are angry with your kids then don’t go to bed angry (but punishments are still enforced LOL) Sorry kids just because mom forgives your silliness and getting in trouble at school doesn’t mean you get out of the punishment for it…it just means that she wont go to bed angry at you. lol

    We can only do our best and hope we have the support. Hugs and prayers.