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    I think it’s particularly telling that you say your daughter witnessed this event and agreed with you (even if she didn’t speak up). That should tell you it’s probably something you have every right to be sensitive about, and completely unrelated to any irrational loss of control. We really need to get over the thought that we must be “Stepford People” without ever showing emotion. It implies we can keep a lid on it even when justifiably baited, and that’s just not realistic.

    I wish you well ~ hopefully you can make it back to a level of civility eventually. Don’t beat yourself up too much. And don’t consent to being treated that way again, your health is worth more than that. (By that I mean we can get sick from the stress of being frustrated, not necessarily that it had anything to do with Graves’.) Isn’t it funny that everyone wants to blame our emotional condition on something OTHER than their behavior???

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