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    Hi Claire,

    I’m glad to hear you might be in remission, but sorry to hear about the separation. I hope you manage it okay.

    Ski gave you excellent suggestions. I would only add that before my Graves’ Diagnosis I received some counseling that included stress management. It was about two more years before I got a proper diagnosis, but still the skills I learned in counseling helped me cope during the many rough spells of Graves’, including the interpersonal problems.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that this illness adds to the difficulty of maintaining relationships, and of course when they fail, there could hardly be a worse time, since we need stability, help, and support more than ever at this time. I went through that myself.

    So, my additional suggestion is that if at all possible, you find a good personal counselor to help replace the support you’ll not have from a spouse or significant other, and to help you cope with the stresses of the separation. This might help you maintain your health.

    I hope you can also be with us at the conference!!

    Dianne W