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    Whether you can spell it or not, you need to see an “eye doctor”. They will be the ones to determine your treatment, but at the least, you need moisture in your eyes to alleviate the discomfort and chances of damage to your eyes/vision. As I am writing this my eyes are hurting and itching. They feel like I have been in a sand storm. I’m not good with remembering to use the eye drops; couldn’t use the Restasis, and can’t see out of my bifocals. I do have TED and am seeing the eye doctor every 3 months. Very early in the disease. One eye is beginning to protrude. This becomes worse when my eyes are dry as you tend not to blink when your eyes are dry.

    I have tried many different drops and find that Tears Naturale Forte (approximately $10 at Wal Mart – lasts for about a month) works best for me. It moistens the eye and doesn’t burn or effect my vision. Some of the drops are thick and my eyes don’t clear for a few minutes, which makes it less likely that I’ll use them on a regular basis.

    Get some eye drops, call the eye doctor, and don’t cry – it doesn’t help!