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    Thanks, guys. All of your thoughts have helped me locate my own.

    It’s very reassuring to be reminded we’re participants in the decision and not subjects. You guys are right – we are quite unique. Since I have such strong instincts about my body, I think I’ll go with them. Maybe that’s what it often comes down to when you’re a complete novice about medical decisions.

    I realize that regardless of whether I choose surgery or RAI, hypothroidism is in my near future. I’ve accepted that peaceably enough. Hypo simply has be less dangerous than my particular brand of hyper. (Not that I think anybody here would argue against necessary treatment.)

    I’ve already carefully researched hypo, and picked out doctors who are most up-to-date re effective hypothyroid treatment, such as an openness to Armour hormones, just in case I develop a stubborn case of hypo. Besides, it seems to me both RAI and surgical treatments necessarily direct the thyroid in hypo directions anyway, so I figure where the thyroid lands on the hypo scale is largely a matter of fortune. That’s cool with me.