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    Hi Bobbi,

    Thanks so much for the information; it is always better to know more. My family doc said basically the same thing – whether I have TMNG or Graves’ doesn’t matter as far as treatment goes. However – I insisted that I wanted a diagnosis (that’s not too much to ask, is it??) He said I could have a biopsy (which I naturally declined) or just wait until my symptoms get to the point that the diagnosis would be obvious. He and I didn’t like that option either! (We’ve known for several months that I’m hyper, the only question is why.) But he did order bloodwork again and checked for antibodies. If I understand that – if it’s positive then there is no question it’s Graves’ but if it’s negative it doesn’t rule it out. Do antibodies come and go, or just not show up all the time?

    Here’s what he said about Graves’ vs TMNG: TMNG comes on slowly over a long period of time but Graves’ has a much quicker onset. He said he thought I’d probably gotten sick over the summer, and I agree. (Endo said I’d been sick for years, which was news to me since I didn ‘t feel any symptoms before about May or so). I first saw the family doc in early September, and Thursday he said that he could tell I’m much sicker now. He still believes I have early Graves’ but is checking for thryoiditis as well (feels that is unlikely). He started me on a beta blocker and that has really helped. So now I’m just waiting for the blood results and hope I get an answer.

    Regardless of the outcome, I have to make a decision pretty quickly about a treatment option. The endo, family doc, and radiologist friend all feel RAI is the only viable option. No big deal, according to them. However – that’s not what I’m seeing from other posts. Just what can I reasonably expect from that treatment? Will I have problems from the treatment or will the problems come (if they do) from being hypothyroid? I’m hearing some frightening stories about the difficulity of getting regulated from people who are hypo and it worries me. Does everyone have problems once they’re hypo? I fear weight gain, lethergy, depression, etc.

    Is there any reasonable chance for a remission, meaning back to a normal thyroid? The odds on the antithyroid medication seems pretty low. As I understand it – I’m going to be hypo anyway – the only decision is how I’ll get there.

    None of the doctors I’ve seen/talked to feel this illness is a big deal or very serious, but that’s not what I’m learning from this forum. The docs seem to treat it pretty casually – just do the RAI, take a daily pill when you’re hypo, and you’re back to normal. If only!!

    This is all pretty scary stuff. Guess wishfull thinking isn’t a treatment option, is it? Oh well….