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    Lynn – That is interesting. My understanding is that anything over 25% is abnormal uptake and that the uptake helps the endo determine the "severity" of the disease and rule out nodules. My uptake was 33%. When the radiology folks asked me about history, I said my guess was early, mild Graves. In the end, everyone said I had it pegged. I wonder if your endo means more severe Graves requires the 70%.

    My own T3 and T3 were normal but TSH very low – but it had been normal 12 months prior so I knew I was early – and my mom had Graves. Honestly, I agree with the information that says different thyroid diseases are more similar than different – and what one is originally diagnosed with will often shift to something else as labs change with progression of the disease.

    Let me know how it goes with your PCP. I am interested.