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    Here it is Monday night and I am still alive. Yippeeee Yes I did indeed go see my doctor today and she’s just a saint. She sat patiently with me while I whinned about all the problems I continue to have. I did learn that my Cushings Syndrome will "maybe" come to an end with the end of my steroids. My thyroid has not left me as I had hoped but I learned today that I need to be extra patience and this too shall pass. I need to continue to take my 200 mg of Toporol. I was wishing that I could decrease that but my BPM is still high. On a yucky note, I also found out that my Interstitial Cystist is no longer in remission and must deal with that as well. I said just give me some good drugs that will make me laugh and smile. Of course she just shook her head at me. At least I got an answer to some of my questions and will carry on as I have in the past. Thank you again for the knowledge on Cushings. Talking about it to people that understand that it’s not a mental problem helps in more ways then one.