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    My 3yo daughter was diagnosed last week and her Ped. Endo told me this (in addition to what Ski wrote). She told us to remember that my daughter will always be considered as a Graves individual. So IF she has RAI and subsequent hypothyroidism, she will NOT be a hypothyroid patient — always an individual battling Graves Disease. Therefore the endo told us we need to keep in mind that when she is older, gets pregnant, she needs to tell her OB/GYN that she has Graves. There is a chance that the baby will be delivered with Graves. However, the endo told us this does not mean the baby will be a "Graves" child — it means the baby will have to get treated for Graves the first few weeks of life.

    Being that my daughter was recently diagnosed, I’m still finding lots of fascinating info on Graves.
    Hope this info helps.