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    Hi Jeff,

    Good advice from Tracy ~ it’s true, our reactions are chemical, not emotional, before we are fully healed. I’m sure your wife is just as frustrated as you are. Try to just support her, help her with anything you can, and leave her space when she needs it. Help her have some time to herself ~ some time FOR herself ~ you’ll find that pays big dividends for both of you. I don’t want to be clumsy about this, but try to avoid making suggestions. I don’t know your precise relationship dynamics, but I do know that typically, people who care about others would like to help, and Graves’ patients are not actually very receptive to such suggestions. :roll: It’s a minefield, and until we are healthy, we might even think that some of our feelings have substance ~ it’s kind of like everything is amplified. I can tell when my levels climb toward hyperthyroid because what I call "the voices" start ~ not like third party voices talking in my head, but each little thing someone does triggers an "examination" in my head (why did they do that? why didn’t they just do what I asked? don’t they care about me? don’t I count?), and things that I could otherwise shrug off start to penetrate and really bug me.

    I think it’s unreasonable to think that there will be no difficulties between you during this time, but if both of you can keep some perspective, I think you can get through it. Come back often, and send your wife to ask any questions she may have, we’ve all been there! <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />