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    Thanks all!

    Thanks Ski! Yeah, the pictures on the Web are creepy…they should not be allowed to post those!! <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    Mine are just noticable in photos…but now I know what’s going on, I’ve adapted my "pose" to remind myself to close my eyelids a little bit.


    I’m waiting to hear from the "doc in the box" that found all of this to get my final diagnosis. I’m also meeting with my primary family doctor today to get everything transferred to him.

    They’ve set up a CT/Nuclear scan for the 17th. Even though no one has really told me what’s going on. I’m guessing I’ll find out for sure today. I’m excited about getting this all to my primary doctor, so I’ll have one person (the doc in the box has five rotating docs) to turn to.

    Thanks for your welcomes! As I said, I’m sure I’ll have more questions. This site is great!

    Cathycnm–what part of Alabama are they in?