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    Oh, I sure wish there were. With my contact lenses, my doctor could give me a sample of the new prescription when I complained, so it’s a little different than glasses, but I would have to buy the rest of the year’s worth to replace the old one. I ended up going month by month, because it was changing almost that rapidly, back and forth. Since that first year, I haven’t experienced the same kind of vision changes, so I haven’t had to worry about it. About the only thing I can think of is to sign up for a medical expenses savings plan, if you have access to one, where you can have money set aside pre-tax for these types of expenses. With medical expense accounts, they allow access to all the money before you have put in your share, so at least you could give an educated guess at the beginning of the year about how many replacements you may need, and set that amount for your account. At least hopefully you can have replacement lenses done, instead of also using new frames.