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    Jeanette – Are you seeing an opthamologist (an MD) for your eye exams or an optometrist? I shifted to an opthamologist who is watching the "big picture" of Graves eye disease as well as fitting for glasses.

    My own eyes have had slightly puffy lids (periorbital edema) since summer and some redness and watering. My right eye, especially, has changed a good deal this year (for the worse) – both distance and close-up. My opthamologist was not surprised by that. I am also color blind (genetically since birth though mild – without testing, I would have never known). Since color vision is often the first thing to go in Graves (and mine was already gone), he wants me to return for visual field testing and to see me every 6 months to be sure my baselines are not changing. Eyes usually settle down in a year or two from first symptoms. I do not know for sure if visual acuity settles down then, too. It is time for my annual insurance eye exam so I will get a new pair. I am tempted to go with less expensive frames until this all settles a bit because I usually buy frames of endurance and only need a new RX every 3 years or so. That does not seem the case currently. I also got an inexpensive pair of computer glare glasses as the screen glare is causing eye strain much easier than before.