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    hi kallikat,
    i know what you mean about support, it would be so nice to just be able to talk to someone. i have called or emailed every hospital i can think of and can’t find ANY kind of support, and i live in chicago. i asked my endo about it, he handed me a sheet with facts about being hyperthyroid, and then said there just aren’t enough people that have graves to have support groups. as i read your post i was thinking that it was wonderful you have family that is concerned. i have a husband and one son still living at home, but no supportive relationships at all, and an extended family waiting for me to volunteer to have a thanksgiving dinner, which i really feel like i can’t handle. in the meantime i have people like my mother telling me to stop all this reading because it will drive me crazy. in some ways i think she is right. it’s interesting how many people here find this comforting. i was diagnosed 3 months ago now, and have read so much about graves since then. sometimes i think reading all these posts causes me more anxiety, causes me to wonder what will happen and when, or how long will it be. seems like that’s the worst part, the not knowing, and i have just begun this long journey. i just noticed in the last 2 weeks that i am losing my hair, my eyes hurt more and i am dead tired. i’ve had the dose on my methimizole changed every 4 weeks, after every blood test, and i cannot stand the tightness in my chest and throat everyday. i recently read an article on homeopathic remedies, and found something called calcarea carbonica, which is a remedy for people with anxiety, the type of anxiety that causes people to become overwhelmed from physical illness, their thoughts can be muddled and confused and are often chilly and sluggish, have a craving for sweets, and are easily fatigued. this describes me perfectly. i am wondering if anyone here knows anything about this or any of these remedies. has anyone ever tried it, or any other homeopathic remedy? i am wondering if it would help alleviate some of these symptoms. i know i’d have to check with the doctor, but i also know it would take forever to get an answer, just like it takes 9 days for me to find out what the blood test results are. just curious, and feeling overwhelmed at the moment….