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    Thank you so much for your input!!
    I really wasn’t wanting to FACILITATE the group – I’m kinda hoping I can find a Dr or RN that’s interested in doing it. I think my days of running things is over – at least temporarily! Since finding this website last week I have read every single posting, and I can only imagine the benefit to all of us at having a place to go to fellowship with others just like us, face to face. I just don’t think there are enough medical professionals who feel it’s important though – at least not here. In fact, I called the largest medical group in our city (4 hospitals) and asked if they had a thyroid support group and the woman actually said they only have groups like that for the "big diseases like cancer and diabetes." !!!!!!! I know she was only an office worker – not a nurse or doctor – but, gosh was that demeaning!
    Oh well, for now I still have the website. I’m going to send a message to Dr Patterson – can’t wait to read her suggestions!
    And don’t worry about me drinking that shake….Yuck! My son is now studying up so he can develop a low-impact exercise program for me……we’ll see how that goes.