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    One more comment for Kallikat,

    BRAVO that your GP is willing to help you through this. We find that many doctors can be our primary support through Graves’ ~ it doesn’t always have to be an endocrinologist. Any relationship that works for you can be effective.

    And as far as a physical therapist goes ~ it’s helpful to know exactly WHERE you are weak and where you are strong, because then you can focus your exercise to support the areas that are okay, and build up the areas that are not. Without that support, it can be very difficult. Be VERY easy on yourself. One of our facilitators here had to start working out her arms by using paperback books, 10 reps at a time, because it was determined that she only had 5% of her strength there. Anything more than that would have caused strain and damage. So be VERY forgiving of your body right now, take it easy and build it up slowly.